Hiya! I hope you guys had a great week. I had an amazing one. I wanted to share with you guys this super cool pencil subscription box that I got for my birthday. Hopefully there are some people out there that are just as nutty about pencils and supplies as much as I am. Let me know.


1. For my birthday my husband bought me a subscription to The Pencil Box. I have been following CW Pencils on Instagram for a while now. They sell such cool stuff. This box is so amazing!!!! The theme for this box was the earth which is right up my alley.

A. Fabula Recycled Pencil- A pencil made from Seeds, Recycled Coffee and Tea and flowers. WHAT! You can plant the pencil when it gets too small to write with and sprouts with grow. You can put the shavings in your plants to nourish them. WHAT! People are so amazing to think of these things!

B. TomBow Pencils are made with wood off cuts. You can see how the wood is pieced back together if you look closely at them. AMAZING!

C. Modeling clay made from cedar dust and wood chip waste from a pencil factory. AHHH! 

D. An all natural eraser. I thought erasers were all natural. Man I love learning things!

E. A Wooden Sharpener. This sharpener gave the pointiest point my pencil ever had!

F. A Pencil made from recycled newspaper. I had no clue you could even do that. OMG! So cool!

I am so excited about all these items. I can't wait to use them. 

2. I really enjoy The Honest Designers Show. It is an excellent for creatives and also business. 

3. Recent addition to my Etsy shop

4. Come on over and check out my Freebies page (No Credit card required. Just skip the payment section). I add a new freebie every month. 

Please leave comments. I would love to read them! See ya next week!