6 TO 9


Hiya! I have another four letters of the 36 days of type project for you. The project is over now but I will continue to share the letters with you. 7 is my favorite from these. I love how it looks like a see through box. Which is your fav?

My birthday was this week! It feels like these birthdays are whizzing past me. We went to my sister’s beach house and had great company, wonderful food and a fabulous time. I also ate two pieces of cake on my birthday because I am living my best life.

I have had fun making some Mandala frames this week. I am going to start off with a set of 12 regular and chalkboard ones and see how it goes. I should have something to upload this week.

Here are a few things for you to check out:

1. 100 Illustrators book! All the Yessss!

2. 22 Inventions That Are Saving The Earth. Amazingly brilliant humans!

3. I got Cupcake Jemma’s book, tea towels and oven mitts for my birthday and they are super cool.

4. Uniquely illustrated books for kids. Beautiful!

5. Recent addition to my Etsy shop. Check out my shop section to see more places to purchase my work. 

6. Come on over and check out my Freebies page (No Credit card required. Just skip the payment section). I add a new freebie every month. 

Please leave comments. I would love to read them! See ya next week!