Hiya! This week’s Goodtype Tuesday’s challenge: we’ve teamed up with lettering friend @psotaball for the #LetsBeAllies campaign. This campaign was created by Chantal Psota Ball to encourage us to focus our time and energy on being allies rather than competitors. Chantal believes that if we all directed our focus more outwardly and used our energy to uplift others, we could make a lasting positive impact. I thought this was such a great idea. Let me know what you think of my design (above).

This week I have been working on a decorative wreath set. It has been fun playing around with making pattern brushes in illustrator. I should have this up for sale in my Etsy shop and stock sites in a few days. How was your week?

Here are a few things for you to check out:

1. Occult Kokeshi: Overly Familiar Familiar. Amazing felt sculptures by Hiné Mizushima

2. The hug song melts my heart.

3. I have been playing this super cute game. Night in the Woods. I love the illustration style and the dialog.

4. Recent addition to my Etsy shop. Check out my shop section to see more places to purchase my work. 

5. Come on over and check out my Freebies page (No Credit card required. Just skip the payment section). I add a new freebie every month. 

Please leave comments. I would love to read them! See ya next week!