Hiya! Lately I have been wanting to make stickers from my doodle designs. Actually a better way to describe this would be an obsession. I'm sure my husband could validate this. HA! I asked people to vote on which three designs they liked the most on Facebook and Instagram. I received an overwhelming amount of responses. Thank you so much everyone who voted. If you haven't voted yet and would like to please post me a comment. I was surprised, not surprised and disappointed by the data I recorded. It was an emotional roller coaster. HA! Here is my data: 

Orange Fox: 37
Cactus: 28
Jar of Hearts: 26
Grey Fox: 23
Rainbow: 22
Fat Bird: 20
Pineapple: 19
Keep Going: 17
Hi: 13
Cassette Tape: 10
Watermelon: 9
Heart Text Bubble: 8
Key: 8
Lightning Cloud: 5
Raspberry: 5
Eyes: 5
Album: 5
Diamond: 4
Cupcake: 3
Doughnut: 3
Strawberry: 2
Pie: 1
Lips: 1
IHeartU!: 1

I wasn't surprised that the fox was the winner and the cactus was a runner up. I was surprised that the jar of hearts got so many votes. I was a bit disappointed that the food ones didn't score better because they are some of my favorites to make.

A lot of people also commented that they loved them all and they couldn't possibly pick 3, that it was too difficult. That made me very happy! I create things I like and that I think are cool and I hope other people feel the same way but I don't usually hear so many responses on my work. I was overwhelmed with happiness. Hopefully people have the same enthusiasm about stickers LOL! I am working right now on making sticker sheets and individual stickers. So I will keep you updated. I think it is going to take me a few weeks. I am very excited and nervous at the same time!

Thank you for all your great comments, love and support. It means a lot! Please leave comments. I would love to read them! See ya next week!